Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sanitation Snow Removal/Refuse Collection Issues in Early January (Update)

Back in early January, several streets in Broad Channel, includingWest 12th Road, experienced some problems with effective snow plowing/removal and sanitation collection which left us with with refuse in the form of plastic bags and garage cans strewn all over West 12th Road over a period of several days due to sever tidal flooding. (View related post here)

I received a call this morning from Councilman Eric Ulrich's Office who stated that a meeting will be held with Councilman Ulrich tomorrow with Dan Mundy Jr., President of the Broad Channel Civic Association and two (2) Sanitation Department supervisors to discuss this issue and, hopefully resolve it.

As soon as we can ascertain the outcome of tomorrows meeting, we will update you here.

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