Monday, January 6, 2014

Sanitation Pick Up Collection on West 12th Road

We have received several inquiries regarding the fact that there has been no refuse collection on West 12th Road for the past week.

I contacted our area sanitation office and was advised that last week's Thursday's collection was disrupted by that morning's extremely high tidal flooding on our street and then exacerbated by the Sanitation Department's Snow Alert Mobilization in preparation for that evening's winter storm - road treatment and snow removal operations the following day..

There was a sanitation truck at the top of the block this morning but I assume  it did not come down the block because of, yet another, instance of tidal street flooding which ran up well past the midpoint of our block.

I was assured that that this matter would be addressed and rectified this week....We'll see, nonetheless,
I will document this complaint via 311 but I have to wait until after 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to do so as:

"The City accepts complaints for missed collection of garbage and recycling from residential buildings starting at 8 AM on the day after the scheduled service day."

We also forwarded this issue to the city at @NYCSanitation via "twitter".

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