Friday, June 23, 2017

The Buld it Back Penguins - Still just smiling and waving!

On Friday, June 23rd, 2017, the red truck (NY Plates HFP 8525) and white trailer pictured above simply drove onto the the sidewalk area completely blocking the driveway of 51 West 12th Road and being  too lazy to exit his vehicle to relocate 2 garbage cans, the driver simply used  the vehicle to push them out of the way to make additional room for his truck in front of 55 West 12th Road.

At the same time one of the BIB staff  decided to park his personal vehicle (NY Plates FSZ 2383) completely blocking the driveway of 55 West 12th Road.  

When I inquired of the several workers sitting around on the end of block bulkhead as to who might be responsible for these two vehicles, I might as well have been watching reruns of Stalag 17 as I was met solely with the standard Sgt. Schultz reply of "I know nothing!", a perfect example of Build it Back's continued apathy towards those of us still residing on the street succinctly depicting that organization as riddled with an attitude of  bureaucratic indifference.

Did I mention that when I arrived at my house at the end of West 12th Road and found the above I had already spent 20 minutes cooling my heels on Cross Bay Boulevard while 2 concrete trucks and a dumpster carrier played chess on the street until I was finally afforded an avenue of ingress.

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