Thursday, August 21, 2014


Ferry Tip #2: Put the Beach 108th Street ferry on weekend service and watch ridership skyrocket. This year, hundreds of thousands of people have been coming to our seaside community and its unparalleled New York City beach, through all parts of the peninsula. No thinking is required to connect those people with Rockaway via a ferry.
Boo! Halloween candy displays have already popped up at Waldbaum’s. Back to school supplies had already appeared in area stores before the end of July.
As we speak, the communities of Roxbury, Breezy Point and Broad Channel are gearing up for their end of summer Mardi Gras parades and celebrations.After all these years, since 2001 to be exact, Steve Stathis is exiting as president of the Graybeards. Through good times and bad, the Graybeards and Steve have been there for Rockaway. Even now, well after the storm, its charitable and hands on work continue. Steve, we offer our brightest hopes for whatever you do next, and our deepest appreciation for all you have done so far.
With Anthony Weiner back in the news, New Yorkers are reminded once again of how really smart it was of us to knock him out of the running as a candidate for mayor. Look how well that turned out. There’s a new art gallery in town. The Whether Again Gallery, at 364 Beach 85th Street, is open Saturday and Sundays from 1 to 6 p.m. Their current exhibition, “The Rotation of Language,” is running to Sept. 7. Stop in.
South Dakota, and now New Jersey is looking to protect its drivers from red light and speed cameras in other states. A new bill would bar the N.J. State Motor Vehicle Authority from sharing drivers’ license plate information with others looking to collect fines. Hey, New Jersey, would you like to adopt Rockaway and protect us too?
There is no truth to the rumor that each Call- A-Head portable john comes equipped with a paddle, or that the whole thing can be turned over and used as a boat in case of flooding.
Whether we have a ferry after October is still a mystery. However, what is not in question is the dedication, creativity and sheer determination of those here in Rockaway who have been fighting for it.
Waldbaum’s is no longer using the Valued Shopper discount card. One person suggested putting the now unused cards on E-Bay.
From east to west, all across the peninsula, work on all Rockaway’s main roadways continues. And continues … and continues …
Key Food on Rockaway Beach Boulevard near Beach 88th Street is now accepting WIC. The next Call to Action Far Rockaway Long Term Recovery Group meeting will be at Battalion Pentecostal Assembly Church at 454 Beach 67th Street in Arverne on Wednesday, August 27, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Stand near the shore and day and night all year round you will see huge freighters off the Rockaway coast, headed out to sea. This time of year though, you can look out and see another set of big boats on an ocean mission. Cruise ships!
Those in the know, know that Rockaway would stand to benefit greatly from recognizing and nurturing our full potential as a place that people want to go to. Let’s start by extending the summer season. How about, “See us in September— And Beyond!”
Last week a film crew was on location at various points in Rockaway, including the CROM martial arts school, shooting a commercial for a major health insurance company. The spot will feature three generations of an actual Rockaway family that is covered by them.
Late one Monday night, well after dark, beachgoers with towels, bags and bathing suits were seen still filling the A train and reluctantly heading home.
Invoking the holy name of Moses — as in Robert Moses — may not be your most winning argument inRockaway. Opposing the new buildings Alma Realty wants to put up near Dayton Towers, a local politician intoned that this was not what was agreed to under Robert Moses. First of all, that was a long time ago. Two, it’s still Robert Moses.
“Forget Montauk this summer. The Rockaways, the beach at the end of the A train, is the place to find fun without having to work too hard for it and has an easy, grass-roots vibe.” –Ruby Warrington, The New York Observer.
No further word has been heard regarding a possible La Quinta hotel coming to Rockaway. However a newly released corporate list of soon to be opened outlets does not include a mention of our sunny shores.
Rockaway Artists Alliance is hosting a one of a kind photo/sketch/write/paint out at Fort Tilden’s T-9 building, current home of artist Patti Smith’s “Resilience of the Dreamer” installation piece. Sunday, Aug. 24, 6-8 p.m. Live music will also be presented in T-7. Enjoy!
Last month the Rockaway Theatre Company’s Gypsy sold out all performances. Straightaway, people started making reservations for their next production, Godspell, which isn’t until September.
A big welcome to Reverend Tamoya Buckley-David, new pastor of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Arverne, and her husband, Brother Lenny David. Reverend Buckley-David was honored and officially welcomed with an event at the church on Saturday, Sept. 20

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