Friday, March 14, 2014

Editorial/Opinion: Invisi-Bill de Blasio

Senator Schumer came to Rockaway to talk about FEMA oversight, flood insurance and beach replenishment and coastal protection. (“There will be groins.”) He had to bite his tongue when asked several times about the new mayor and the sluggish start of his administration. Schumer said the city was “taking its sweet time” on too many issues. The best he could say was that the mayor had “to get settled.” His facial expression said: enough already.

So it’s not just The Wave and the pesky Rockaway people. The United States Senator from New York, a fellow Democrat, is growing impatient with a mayor who hasn’t named commissioners for Parks, Buildings, the FDNY and others. The same mayor also says a plan for Sandy recovery is on the way.
Easy for him to wait.

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