Friday, March 14, 2014

Deckelman Earns Ferry VIP Card

Someone is a well-deserved Rockaway Ferry VIP. Laura Deckelman, a member of The Committee to Save the Rockaway Ferry was given a “free pass” from Seastreak, the company that operates the ferry service.
Deckelman was featured in The Wave back in December for her commitment to riding the ferry until it is made permanent. Deckelman, a Bayswater resident, rides the ferry every day. As a photographer, she takes photos of her trips daily and posts them to Facebook and also shares them with Seastreak in order to promote the ferry.
Deckelman was paying the ferry fare for her daily trips, but Seastreak recently sent her a pass that will allow her to ride the ferry for free.
As of right now, permanent ferry service is still not guaranteed. Before the last contract was up at the end of January, the city announced that the ferry will continue at least until April and possibly further if ridership numbers are good.

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