Friday, February 28, 2014


Erin Go Blasio

Does Bill de Blasio like his job? He must be thinking he had a pretty sweet deal as Public Advocate. Show up, make some noise, and that’s only when you feel like it. Or don’t show up, nobody will care. They won’t care if you speed or roll through stop signs. In fact, as Public Advocate, you could have waited for public outcry and then joined the chorus. You were paid to be a Monday morning quarterback.
Back in the good old days, you didn’t have to bother naming commissioners. Your son wasn’t getting yelled at about school snow days. Little fleas like The Wave weren’t nipping at your toes.
You seemed a little grouchy last week when the press was pressing. We’re wondering if you’re starting to have doubts about this mayor’s job.
Well, you’ve got quite a long road ahead. Why not start enjoying it. And start with the Rockaway St. Patrick’s Day parade. We’re guessing you’ll get a better reception than Mayor Bloomberg. But whatever the reception, enjoy it, embrace it. Take a cue from Chuck Schumer who bounces along, bullhorn in hand, engaging people the whole way. Or take a cue from Anthony Weiner who wore skinny red hipster pants to the Dominican parade. Maybe you should try skinny green ones in Rockaway?!
Whatever. It’s a parade! Don’t rain on it. You’re the mayor! Enjoy, embrace.
Happy St. Patrick’ Day! Just don’t drink your beer with a fork.
Oh, and if you don’t come at all? Booooooo!

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