Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do the terms "responsibility" and "accountability" hold any sway at the DOE?

I am still somewhat scratching my head after reading today's N.Y. Post article regarding the decision by the Department of Education to fire Principal Marcella Sills  after finding that she blatantly lied about her attendance while collecting a full paycheck for hours not worked.

The DOE decision came only after a January expose in the Post reported that Principal Sills school, P.S. 106 in Far Rockaway, was an operational disaster lacking even the most basic school supplies, books, and basic and special education classes and, adding insult to student injury,  was being "supervised" by a principal who was never there!

One month after the initial Post article exposing this debacle, the DOE Inspector General conducted a "swift" investigation and issued a 13 page report recommending that Principal Sills get the boot!

There is even indications from the DOE that this matter may be turned over to the District Attorney's Office for possible criminal action.

Great news right?

Are you kidding me!

It's as if the DOE is telling us..."Okay, the Post caught this and we have to offer up a scapegoat to assuage and quiet the public....Marcella has to fall on her sword."

Marcella Sills was assigned to P.S. 106 for 9 years prior to this past January's N.Y. Post article coming to light.  Why isn't anyone asking who the hell was supervising Principal Sills during this time because whoever that person is, they should be packing up their belongings and heading out the same door as Sills!

Additionally, what DOE administrator (God knows there are enough of them) is responsible for ensuring that there are mechanisms in place to provide for the routine and continuing  review of such schools to ensure their operational effectiveness, including a means of routine supervision of the school's principal?

One member of the P.S. 106 community was quoted as saying..."The school is a complete s%$thole but nobody in a position of power comes to investigate. No one cares."

If the DOE's decision to fire Principal Sills is all that comes of this education disaster right in our own backyard then the P.S. 106 community will have been proven one does care!

Do the terms "responsibility" and "accountability" hold any sway at the DOE?

Your neighbor,

Pete Mahon

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