Thursday, January 9, 2014

Message from George Kasimos - Stop FEMA Now


I wanted to give you an update from our Lobbying efforts in DC on Tuesday.  The vote on the Flood bill has been postponed until Tuesday.

We are making progress in DC. 

We have pretty strong support in the Senate.  We feel the bill will pass in the Senate.  

We have a big fight on our hands in the house of representatives.  Rep. Grimm is sponsoring the sister bill in the house.  But unfortunately Rep. Cassidy has sponsored a competing bill that will undermine support for the Grimm bill. 

Basically the Grimm bill will postpone implementation of the B/W act for 4 years while the Cassidy bill will only postpone for 6 months. 

If and when this bill passes, that is when the hard work begins.  We need support from our members to make sure the new legislation will be written to represent our interests and not the interests of the Lobbying groups.

Wither way we have a log hard road to get to where we want to be.

What you can do:
-          Please Like us on our page .  A LIKE is a vote.  Elected officials NEED blocks of voters.
-          Open up a twitter account with a name like “StopFemaNowJoe”.  This is the most effective way to reach all senators and elected officials and media very quickly.  We have tens of thousands tweets and retweets.  Our handle is @StopFemaNow our hashtag is #flood insurance .  Please retweet our tweets for the last month.  If ambitious, tweet all our 2,000 plus tweets.
-          Please donate.  You can find the donate button on our page.  We are Non-profit.  We are all volunteers.
-          Encourage your friends and neighbors to join us on twitter and facebook.  LET’S GET VIRAL

Lastly this group is not just about Flood Insurance.  It is about rebuilding after Sandy, Insurance money, changing flood maps, Build it back program, RREM program, Mitigation Program, having HUD/NY/NJ release rebuilding money quicker, not having to raise our homes, etc…….

[Sophia DeVirgilio (Broad Channel) with George Kasimos in Washington D.C. earlier this week]
I also want to thank Sophia De Virgilio  [West 12th Road, Broad Channel] for coming down to DC on short notice to support us.

We couldn’t have come this far without the support of all the wonderful folks in Broad Channel and all over New York.  We are in this together.

George Kasimos

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