Thursday, January 9, 2014

Broad Channel Represented in Washington D.C. at Flood Insurance Press Conference in Capital Building

Earlier this week Senator Menendez from N.J., Senator Landrieu from La., and others, including George Kasimos, founder of Stop FEMA Now, and Sophia Valakis DeVirgilio from West 12th Road, Broad Channel, attended a press conference in Washington D,C. urging swift passage of the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act.

The following is a message from George Kasimos.....

MUST watch the video from the 1:00 minute mark and on, our influence is growing across the country. This has come about because you all are calling our elected officials across the country. I strongly suggest that you open up a twitter account and retweet our tweets (@StopFemaNow), our hashtag is #FloodInsurance 

The Vote on the Flood Insurance Affordability Act has been postponed until next week. More time to contact our elected officials again.

Thank you Senator Menendez and your entire staff for working tirelessly on this issue.

George Kasimos, Founder

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