Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Message from George Kasimos, founder, Stop FEMA Now....

One year ago today we started this group. Why?

I originally started this group because, after Superstorm Sandy, my home was put into the DREADED "V" zone and my BFE was raised by 4 feet (at this point in time our home would have been -4 feet BFE and in a V zone, our flood ins. premium would have been over $30,000 a year !!!).I tried to get information so I can rebuildmy home to the right standard to lower my flood premiums, but after months could not get any concrete information local, state or federal officials - so I started this site.

We started with a meeting in a local Sub Shop and 22 people attended.As more people were interested, we ended up having rallies in adjacent communities, eventually up and down the State of NJ and eventually across New York City and Long Island because they had questions and we needed to get the word out and educate ourselves AND OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. 

We fought the flood maps and FEMA came out with new maps and our elevations AND zone designations were rolled back 80% from the original maps.My home's BFE was dropped by 2 feet and was put into the less restrictive "A" zone (Our flood insurance will now be in the $8,000 - $9,000 range). "IF FEMA'S FLOOD MAPS ARE A MESS THEN THE ACTUARY SIDE OF THE FLOOD INSURANCE PREMIUMS ARE A BIGGER MESS."THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS.

Now we have started to venture to other states. 2 weeks ago we met tons of wonderful folks in Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA.We WILL be visiting and having meetings in other states as people finally receive their flood bills and realize their homes are no longer affordable.OUR GOAL IS TO REACH THE 5.5 MILLION FLOOD POLICY HOLDERS INTO ONE GROUP AND VOTE TO "SAVE OUR HOMES".

As our groups grow, our elected official will have no choice but to vote our way.Example; Senator Toomey did not Block the current bill in the Senate because of the pressure WE collectively put on him.

This current bill in the Senate is one of several bills that we tried to pass in congress.If the current bill does not pass, we will bring new bills to congress until a bill passes. If and when a billpasses the House and the Senate, that is WHEN THE HARD WORK BEGINS.We need to make sure the new bill PROTECTS US ALL and not the lobbyists.

I want to thank the thousands of people I have personally met and spoke to on the phone . We appreciate everyone's support. We have lots of work ahead of us.Please have your friends and family LIKE our facebook page and follow us AND retweet our tweets @StopFemaNow .

Please rest assured that we will NOT STOP until we fix the Flood Insurance problem, in every community across the country.THIS IS A NATIONAL ISSUE.

George Kasimos, Founder

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