Thursday, November 8, 2018

Broad Channel Needs A New PS 47.....

November 7, 2018

ADDABBO: BROAD CHANNEL NEEDS A NEW PS 47: The children who attend PS 47 in Broad Channel have been forced to use a temporary space that has proven to be not so temporary, and NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. wants to see that change.
Addabbo intends to be part of a serious discussion regarding a permanent, more appropriate structure erected for the Pre-K through 8th grade students that attend PS 47. The senator believes having a newer, updated building would be beneficial to the students, faculty and staff of PS 47, and hopefully help increase the size of the school, since the school routinely has only one class per grade. This would benefit the Broad Channel community.
“PS 47 is a hidden gem in Broad Channel, and I want to see the school grow, both in terms of space and class size,” Addabbo said. “It is unfortunate to see sixth graders leave PS 47 for other middle schools because this school doesn’t have the necessary space. I don’t believe it’s right that PS 47 students are deprived of a gymnasium, auditorium, stage and lunchroom, but must use a “multipurpose room” instead. That is unfair to the students and teachers alike. An actual library in the school would be nice too.”
Addabbo wants to see the brand-new building house all of the facilities that the current school is lacking. The school’s current structure is a mix of the original building erected in 1935 and another building constructed in 1992. Poor insulation during the harsh winter months is just one of the school’s current structural issues.

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