Friday, June 16, 2017

2nd Annual Broad Channel Flag Day Celebration

Broad Channel Community Shows American Pride

Councilman Eric Ulrich pictured with the family of John Wagner at the flag day celebration on Wednesday, June 14.

Broad Channel residents and their families came out to show their patriotic pride at the second annual Broad Channel Flag Day Celebration at Broad Channel Park on Wednesday, June 14.  

With bounce houses and American flags galore, families and residents gathered to enjoy games, snacks and to pay tribute to the American flag.

The annual event, which was sponsored by Councilman Eric Ulrich, had live music, a rock-climbing wall and fun activities for the children to celebrate Flag Day. Janet O’Hare, who was past President of the Broad Channel American Legion, brought her grandchildren to participate in the activities and learn about the importance of the day.

“It’s important for our children to understand the impact of the American flag and why it represents our great nation,” said O’Hare.  In the beginning of the festivities, Ulrich reminded attendees why this day is celebrated.

“We should remember that we live in the greatest country that God ever created on the face of the Earth, and our flag is a symbol of that,” said Ulrich.

Not only was the event a way for residents to come out and show their American pride, it was also to teach children how to take care of the flag. Ulrich stressed the importance of teaching children how to take care of the flag.

“We need to teach young children in particular how to properly care and respect the flag and to respect the people who protected and defended the flag,” said Ulrich.

During the event, Ulrich dedicated the flag and the flagpole at Broad Channel Park to the late John Wagner, who created the event years ago. Wagner, who lived in Broad Channel, served in World War II and was a devoted member of the community and was the first President of the Broad Channel Athletic Club.

The Wagner family was honored to receive the award in his honor. John’s son, Michael Wagner, was humbled by the compassion the community had given him and his family when John passed away.

“We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers these past 18 months. It’s quite comforting knowing we have your support,” said Michael.

Father Richard Alheymer, who led a prayer before the award was given to the Wagner family, believed it was a great idea to honor Wagner for the impact he made on the community.

“Although Mr. Wagner served in the military, he spent his life taking care of this community. It is only fitting that we honor him this way,” said Alheymer.

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