Sunday, May 28, 2017

Porta Potty Nonsense!

"Call A Head"/"Build it Back" staff have placed a portable toilet directly in front of 51 West 12th Road which is currently occupied and is not impacted by Build it Back elevation/rebuild operations.  

The placement of such portable toilet directly in front this property was done without the common courtesy of a prior notification being made to or authorization being obtained from the owner of the property and presents a constant inconvenience to the homeowner who is already encumbered by the constant presence of machinery, trucks, dumpsters, workers and their private vehicles on the street when entering or leaving the owner's home or attempting to enter in and out of their garage with a private vehicle which she is required to do due to the fact that a myriad of BiB vehicles (both official and private) park in front of her residence on a daily basis.

Might I also add that "Call A Head's penchant for pumping waste from their portable toilets on West 12th Road in the wee hours of the morning is also an issue the homeowner should not have to deal with.

We have contacted "Call A Head"/and  BiB staff and requested that they relocate the portable toilet in question to a vacated West 12th Road property that is already undergoing elevation/rebuild by the Build it Back program post haste!

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  1. Sophia Vailakis-DeVirgilioMay 28, 2017 at 9:59 AM

    These guys need to understand that although we are grateful for the positive changes, we on West 12th Road have been inconvenienced by the construction at the very same time, for years now. Those of us who remain on the street during the latest bout of construction are trying our best not to make things difficult for any of the contractors, but they need to understand that our patience are running thin. A little extra "please," "thank you" and "may I" will go a really long way.