Friday, February 24, 2017

City tells Broad Channel - "No Soup for You!"

[The below appears in the Beachcomber Column of this week's WAVE]


Broad Channel Civic Association’s Dan Mundy Jr. isn’t too happy that Broad Channel is being shut out of the city’s plans for the FEMA boardwalk surplus funds, and frankly we think he has a point. 
“The Broad Channel Civic Association submitted a number of projects for consideration as well as pointing out to them, and the Mayor’s office, that Broad Channel is part of this Parks Department area as well. We were encouraged by the support we received from so many on the community board who were just as shocked to see that we were not included. We also highlighted the unbelievable fact that after Hurricane Sandy, which saw all of our parks under 5 feet of water, no assessment was made by NYC Parks to examine the damage that our parks sustained or to submit such assessments to FEMA which may have resulted in funding for this neighborhood. Thankfully we have a very good friend in our Borough President Melinda Katz who has personally brought this omission to Parks Commissioner Silver and is pushing very hard to see Parks include Broad Channel in some of this funding.” 
Good luck, Dan!

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