Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Broad Channel Reconstruction Project (HWQ1182A) - Update re: West 11th and 12th Roads

On Monday, December 19th, 2016, a meeting was held in the Project Field Office located on West 12th Road at 10 am to discuss the status of the ongoing Broad Channel Reconstruction Project (HWQ1182A) as it pertains to West 11th and 12th Roads.

Attending this meeting were:

Thomas Bender - The LIRO Group
Fern Weinreich - The LIRO Group
Thomas Foley - NYCDDC
Dan Brown - Queens Borough President's Offuce
Rudy Giuliani - NYC Housing Recovery
Lew Mendes - Build it Back
Dan Mundy Jr. - President, Broad Channel Civic Association
Dan Mundy Sr. - Broad Channel Civic Association
Peter J. Mahon - West 12th Road Block Association


*  It has recently become readily apparent that the previously scheduled substantial completion date for bulkhead, infrastructure and street work on West 11th and 12th Roads which was to be achieved via accelerated work scheduling is no longer attainable and the contractor (EIC Associates, Inc.) is now citing the June 2016 completion date stipulated in company's contract with the city (DDC). The exact reasons for this delay are far from defined at this point with only non specific causative factors (ie: "tidal flooding" and "weather") being offered at this time.

*  Unfortunately, even the contractual project completion date of June 2017 is now also questionable as residents of West 11th and 12th Roads scheduled for Build it Back (BIB) elevations or rebuilds will be advised to vacate their homes during February of 2017 followed by a complete stoppage of street raising activities effectiveMarch 1st to allow BIB contractors access to the street to conduct scheduled elevations and rebuilds of properties thereon.  The introduction of BIB into the midst of the ongoing West 11th and 12th Road new bulkhead and street raising project now poses several other questions which must be addressed and communicated to the residents of both West 11th and  12th Roads.

#1 -The complete number of W11th and 12th Road properties scheduled for BIB raisings/rebuilds.

#2 - An affirmation on the part of BIB that a sufficient  number contractors will be available to conduct the above number of raisings/rebuilds effective with the turnover of W 11th and 12th Roads to BIB on or about March 1st,  (Note:  All residents on West 11th and 12th Roads are either CYOC (they "choose their own contractor") or if assigned to Tishman, are now assigned to the major contractor who has been awarded this bid (Bam Gartner) who has stated that he has sufficient capacity to address all 35 homes , on West 11th and 12th roads that are scheduled for either rebuilds or elevations)

#3 - An affirmation on the part of BIB and the contractor(s) that the requisite plan and permits have been obtained and pulled for each of the W12th Road properties scheduled for work. (Note:  this should be addressed and communicated to the residents of West 12th Road prior to directing any resident to vacate their home during February.)

#4 - An affirmation on the part of BIB that each W12thRd property scheduled for BIB work will not be encumbered by any DEC issues.  (Note:  this should be addressed and communicated to the residients of West 12th Road prior to directing any resident to vacate their home during February.)

#5 - A statement on the part of BIB as to how street activity on W12th Road will be impacted during their presence on that street.  

#6 - A stipulation on the part of BIB, the current contractor and DDC as to assigned responsibility for the maintenance and protection of all work done prior to the March 1st turnover of the street to BIB.  

#7 -  A BIB project schedule enumerating start and end dates for all scheduled work on both  streets and a tentative date denoting the return of W12th Road to street contractors, either limited or total.


This meeting left all in attendance with more questions than actual answers.  Nevertheless, bulkhead and street raising project activity has been ongoing on West 12th Road since September of 2014 and the present delay (for undefined reasons) coupled with the now planned work stoppage to accommodate BIB on March 1st was both unplanned for and a complete surprise to all W12th Road residents and they deserve a complete explanation of what has brought us to this point and a realistic overview of what we can expect from this time forward.  The Broad Channel Civic Association is particularly upset as they have been attending monthly meetings for a year at the Queens Borough President's Office where it has been consistently maintained by the contractor that both West  11th and 12th Roads would have major road work completed by Jan 1.  

That being said, DDC staff will be meeting with EIC Associates this week in an attempt to ensure that project work is expedited as much as possible  between now and the March 1st turnover of the street to BIB.  Additionally, Dan Mundy will be meeting with BIB to address the above issues regarding their activity on W12th Road commencing in March of 2017. 

As additional information becomes available we will inform all of you promptly.

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