Friday, September 2, 2016

Broad Channel's Own Katie Corbett Saves the Day!

Flowers For Rescues

It's been a week of rough rip tides and our lifeguards have been hard at work. On Monday, August 29, three lifeguards on Beach 106th spent the afternoon making rescues. One of the victims was Pedro Castillo. His wife and three daughters watched as the riptide pulled him out. Lifeguard Katie [Corbett] jumped in without a buoy and reached Castillo first, followed by Sarah and Joanna (not pictured). Once they were safe back on shore, Castillo explained how tired he became trying to fight the current and told the girls that they are his heroes. Castillo went a step further to thank the girls. He returned to the beach the next day with his family, with three bouquets of flowers and cards for each of his saviors. Thanks to Marni Sugar for sharing this photo and story. “Mr. Castillo and his family are a class act. It goes without saying, our amazing lifeguards are heroes,” Sugar said.

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