Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Between the Bridges in Broad Channel - West 11th and 12th Road Street Raising Project Issues

September 22nd, 2016
Peter Mahon

An issue has arisen regarding the street raising and final installation of new bulkheads on West 11th and 12th Roads regarding the completion date of this project.  Presently the contractor's work schedule for this project on both streets involves actual street work Monday to Friday starting at 7 am with clean up and contractor departure occurring, for the most part, around 4:30 pm.

It now appears that the contractor's present work schedule will not be sufficient to ensure completion of the bulkhead completion work, street infrastructure, raising and finish work for the shared space road concept on West 11th and 12th Roads by December 2016. If the present work schedule remains as is, the estimated completion date for the project will be delayed several weeks well into calendar year 2017.

If the completion date is delayed it follows that Build it Back access to those homes scheduled for raising and other work will be similarly delayed.  It should also be kept in mind that a significant project completion delay into calendar year 2017 will place us into the the winter storm season which would cause additional impact for those traversing an already encumbered street by foot.

An option has been offered to amend the current work schedule of the contractor in order to get this project back on track for a completion date of December 2016 which would entail extending actual work hours right up to 6 pm Monday through Friday with an additional (6th) work day being added on Saturday.

I believe the additional work hours proposed for the regular work week (Monday - Friday)  should not prove overly intrusive however the greatest impact sustained with this new work schedule would be the addition of Saturday as the 6th work day of the week.  Bulk shopping trips would, for the most part, then be constrained to Saturday evening and Sunday.  The contractor would continue to accommodate bulk deliveries (oil, propane, etc.) given sufficient advance notice of such delivery.

I have already polled many of the residents of West 12th Road regarding this newly proposed work schedule and, for the most part, all agree that the best course of action would be to do whatever it takes to complete this project on time.  I must also mention that there were a few residents who feel the addition of a 6th work day on Saturday would prove overly intrusive for themselves and their families.

Another issue to keep in mind is that when the contractors complete their work on West 11th and 12th Roads and depart they will be quickly followed by private contractors (i.e., Build it Back, etc.) who will be constructing new houses or raising existing ones which will require strict safeguards to be put in place to ensure that such work by private contractors (including Build it Back) does not leave our newly established shared space streets altered or damaged.  Nobody wants to see a brand new road-bed damaged or otherwise scarred by a patch work quilt of asphalt! 

In any event, these issues will be discussed at the next Broad Channel Civic Association meeting on Thursday, September 22nd at the Broad Channel VFW at 7 pm and I urge all residents of the affected blocks to attend same. 

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