Wednesday, August 10, 2016

West 12th Road Street Closure Information and Project Status Update

The recent decision to completely close West 12th Road to all traffic and parking until further notice has apparently caused some consternation among the residents of our street.

In an effort to allay some of the concerns many of you have expressed regarding this closure and to provide all of you with as much information as possible regarding the current status of this project our Community Construction Liaison, Fern Weinreich, has requested that I share the following with each of you.

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Good morning Peter,

First, the Contractor is relocating the "sediment tank" (which filters ground water) currently located in the Project's Field Office driveway at 59 West 12th Road, closer to the Cross Bay Boulevard end of the street so he can begin the next phase of work: installing retaining walls, installation of new 1-1/2 inch taps (to accommodate Build It Back requirements), raising of the road and private property restorations.  

He will be starting this new phase of work at the bay end of the street.  We will be meeting with each resident before we begin the "private property restorations" which will accommodate the raised roadbed.

Secondly, I have been contacted with questions as to why the street must be closed.

Let me explain.  Closing the street was a difficult decision but due to safety concerns, it was a decision that had to be made. 

The work at the intersection of West 12th Road and Cross Bay Boulevard makes it impossible for drivers to see traffic entering or exiting West 12th Road.  Therefore it became necessary to close the street while work is being done at the intersection to insure the safety of all residents and visitors to West 12th Road.    Once the work at the intersection is completed, access to the street will be restored.  [Note: The work at at West 12th Road/Cross Bay Boulevard intersection is anticipated to take a minimum of 30 days.]

Yesterday we met with the Fire Department to go over our "MPT"  (Maintenance and Protection of Traffic), to make sure the plan met with their approval.  Residents should rest assured that all emergency vehicles will have access to West 12th Road.  Additionally, garbage pick up and removal will continue as usual.

In addition, all deliveries will be allowed down the street and residents will be allowed to come in to drop off or pickup when necessary.  It would be best to let me know when a resident is expecting any kind of delivery, so I can give the Contractor some advance notice.

Please feel free to share this with the community.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Have a good day,
Fern Weinreich
Community Construction Liaison
Broad Channel Project   ID: HWQ1182A
Field Office Number: 646-300-4351
Cell Number: 917-854-8341


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