Thursday, July 14, 2016

No parking on Cross Bay Boulevard (West side) today

The "No parking" signage  put in place by the 100th Police Precinct along the west side of Cross Bay Boulevard are in preparation for today's BCAC sponsored
"5K Dawn's Fun Run" in honor of the late Dawn McIntyre.

100th Precinct staff have advised me (see below) that the "No parking" restrictions will remain in place until today's race event is concluded.

Please keep in mind that residents who park overnight on a street impacted by the Broad Channel Construction project are still required to relocate their  cars off the block no later than 7 am and that Alternate Side Parking regulations will be in effect for the east side of Cross Bay Boulevard tomorrow.

Be  careful where you relocate your cars.


Due to the 'Dawn's Fun Run" on Friday 7/15/2016 there will be NO PARKING at the following locations:

Broad Channel Athletic Club
125 Cross Bay Boulevard to West 22nd Road (Southwest side only)!

Please avoid NYC tow and do not park at the abovelocations!!!!  

Police Officer Maurice Moore

100th Precinct

Community Affairs

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