Saturday, July 2, 2016

God Bless America - A song that offends everyone?

Pictured above is Mr. Gersh Kuntzman, an editor and columnist for the N.Y. Daily News who has described himself as "The most hated man in America." 

* That the singing of God Bless America at stadiums over this July 4th weekend 
will "assault" all baseball fans in attendance.

* That he is outraged at the "Mussolini-esque" routine ballpark announcements asking fans to lease stand and remove their caps prior to the singing of  God Bless America.

*  That the song God Bless America is as much a symbol of patriotism as "white people moving to the suburbs".

*  That research has shown has shown that almost 84% of individuals who describe themselves as "very liberal" dislike God Bless America as it embodies some of the worst things about our nation, "self-righteousness, forced piety, earnest self reverence and foam."

*That more than 88% of atheists also dislike the song.

*  That foreigners, when attending a game where the song is played, are annoyed at 
the display of "self righteousness and patriotism" on the part of the fans. 

Mr. Kuntzman closes his article by suggesting that if you attend a game this July 4th weekend where God Bless America is played you not stand or remove your cap if requested to for a song "that is not the national anthem of a nation that is not uniquely blessed by a deity that doesn't exist anyway."

At the start of this posting I mentioned that Mr. Kuntzman has described himself as "The most hated man in America."  It is interesting to note that neither his distaste for God, Country or Patriotism as cited above prompted this self description on his part,  Rather it was the overwhelming negative response he received after yet another column he penned shortly after Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away.  Mr. Kuntzman in his ill timed column  described the Eagles as a "bad rock band". 

All I can say is that it is my fervent hope that, should baseball management suddenly lose their collective minds and decide to bench God Bless America at our ballparks, it is replaced by the Eagles 1977 song, Hotel California.  

Perhaps then the pompous Mr. Kuntzman can finally find some peace somewhere he can check out but never leave! 

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