Sunday, June 19, 2016

This Monday - Summer Solstice and a Strawberry Full Moon!

First Time in almost 70 Years....
Summer Solstice and Strawberry Full Moon!

This year's summer solstice, which takes place at 6:34 pm Monday evening, June 20th, will be extra special as it will coincide with a full moon in a rare event that hasn't been seen in almost 70 years.

Monday's full moon is called a 'Strawberry" moon, a name which comes from the belief that strawberry picking season is at its peak during this time of the year and is the only night in the month where the moon will be visible in the sky all evening long. And before you ask, no, the moon will not appear red like a strawberry!

The last time such an alignment took place - the summer solstice and a full moon -  was back in 1948!

Monday's summer solstice will also bring the longest day and shortest night of the year for our area here in Broad Channel with exactly 15 hours, 5 minutes and 40 seconds of daylight.

Monday evening's full moon 6.1 foot high tide will peak at 9:23 pm in Broad Channel. 

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