Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Parking Problems on West 12th Road


.West 12th Road is closed to all vehicular traffic with a standing "no parking" proscription on both the north and south sides of the street.


The contractor has unofficially agreed to allow West 12th residents to to enter upon and park their personal vehicles after work has been completed on the street each day with the proviso that all such vehicles parked overnight on W12th Road be removed prior to the start of the contractors next work day, no later than 7 am the next work-day morning (Monday - Friday).


There have been several instances of West 12th Road residents parking their vehicles on the street overnight and failing to remove them by 7 am the next work day morning requiring the contractor to advise all W12th Road residents of the problem and request that they remove their  cars prior to 7 am.

Unfortunately, there continues to be instances of residents failing to remove their vehicles from the block by the required 7 am time frame.  

The continued presence of these parked  vehicles on the street during contractor work hours (after 7 am) has been impeding the contractor's set up process and work schedule for that day.

If this problem persists, the contractor has indicated he will have no option other than to discontinue the less restrictive  "unofficial" parking regulations and revert to the "official" policy, completely closing off West 12th Road to avoid any further impediments or delays to street work.


Please...give the contractor (and your neighbors) a break...if you park your car on the street overnight during the work week, make sure the car is relocated off W12th Road no later than 7 am the next morning.  

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