Saturday, May 14, 2016

Animal Abuse in Broad Channel?

CALL 311

During March and April of this year, reports began to surface that animal abuse was suspected regarding the multiple deaths of cats within Broad Channel in the area of 17th Road Park and elsewhere. 

This issue is still on going as evidenced by the below email I received from from Danny and Linda Ruscillo earlier this week.

"My son Scott has been contacted by some Broad Channel residents concerning the poisoning of cats in Broad Channel. He is pursuing by having cats tested to confirm poisoning once again as it was proven with a previous cat that it was poisoned. 

He is doing this through the ASPCA which is the legal way in order to 
document poisoning. 
Scott would not have been aware of this situation if he had not been contacted once again by people living in Broad Channel
He could really use the help of this Civic Association, to end this situation and bring whoever is involved to justice.
Poisoning of animals is illegal in NYC, it is a crime. He is now pursuing the help of the 100 Pct."

Unfortunately, sometimes dismissed as a juvenile prank or viewed as a low priority offense, animal abuse is actually a serious criminal offense punishable by jail time, a hefty fine or both. Significant incidents of animal abuse must not be ignored as  it is a clear sign that something may be seriously amiss in our community and worse, could be a precursor to more serious and dangerous behavior. 

The key to addressing this problem is education and that tool should be immediately and vigorously embraced by all of us in Broad Channel - in our schools, in our places of worship, in our civic association meetings, by our local businesses, in our day to day interactions with our friends and neighbors and, most importantly, in each of our homes with our respective families. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our children that there are consequences associated with their actions and that violence against another living thing, whether human or animal, is something that is not only wrong  but is also behavior that cannot and will not be tolerated.

Learn more about Animal Abuse by visiting the ASPCA's website here and please report all instances of animal abuse by calling 311.

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