Thursday, April 28, 2016

Parking Issues: West 11th and 12th Roads

Both West 11th and 12th Roads have been "closed" for some time now with an accompanying  total parking prohibition on both streets.  In an effort to minimize disruption to the lives and activities of residents of both streets, the contractor, to date, has chosen not to seek a total enforcement of this parking ban as long as cars are removed from the street prior to the start of workday at 7 am. 

Unfortunately, I have been advised by the contractor that there have been recurring instances involving residents on both West 11th and 12th Roads who have been parking their vehicles on the street after working hours during the week and routinely failing to move their cars prior to 7 am the following morning causing delays in the commencement of that day's scheduled construction activities.

Your cooperation in this matter is sought to ensure that anyone parking overnight on West 11th or 12th Road ensures that their vehicle is moved off street prior to 7 am each work day morning. Construction delays due to residents who leave their car parked on the street after 7 pm can no longer be tolerated and the contractor has indicated that they are considering instituting a policy of physically closing off ingress/egress to the street effective at 7 am each business day which will effectively strand any car left parked on the block at that time for the duration of the work day..

Your cooperation and patience regarding this issue is greatly appreciated.

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