Friday, April 22, 2016

Dan Guarino - Broad Channel's Unofficial Town Crier!

Dan Guarino
Broad Channel's Unofficial "Town Crier"

As you stroll around town these days do you get the feeling that an important piece of our town has gone missing?   A sense that Broad Channel is less today than yesterday?  If you do you are not alone.

Dan Guarino has provided a voice for our community here in Broad Channel with his "Broad Channel Bits" column in the local WAVE newspaper since assuming authorship of the popular column after the passing of his beloved wife, Elizabeth, back in 2011.  

Published author, columnist, reporter, photographer and entertainer, over the years Dan has established himself as one of our town's greatest cheerleaders and advocates, Broad Channel's unofficial "Town Crier" if you will.  

Back in 2008, both Dan and his wife Liz,along with the Broad Channel Historical Society, published a photo history of our town with Images of America: Broad Channel. At the time of its publication the New York Daily News reviewed the book stating...

 "Broad Channel may only be a mile long and four blocks wide, but this "city-by-the-bay" has a history nearly as expansive as its more populous neighbors across the water....and now the tight-knit Queens community in the middle of Jamaica Bay now has its own history book, titled: "Images of America: Broad Channel."

Sadly, Dan's employment with the WAVE was recently terminated and his "Broad Channel Bits" column and myriad of other stories regarding events and activities within our community that he reported on weekly are no more.  As you read through the pages of this week's edition of the WAVE you can't help but notice the scarcity of Broad Channel articles so prevalent last week and our community is poorer for their absence.

Regarding the WAVE's decision to terminate Dan's services at that newspaper, I can only offer my personal opinion that such action appears to rank high within the pantheon of bad decisions. 

That being sad, I feel confident that an individual as gifted and caring as Dan, like a cat, will manage to land on his feet and remain an integral part of this community that we all love.

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