Friday, May 22, 2015

W12th Road Construction Project Update

Bulkhead Construction on West 12th Road (Friday May 22, 2015)

As work continues towards completion of the end of street bulkhead and outfall on West 12th Road, our CCL (Community Construction Liaison), Fern Weinreich, hosted a meeting for all West 12th Road residents on Wednesday evening, May 20th, at 7 pm in the contractor's field office located at 59 West 12th Road. 

The purpose of the meeting was to provide a general overview of what W12th Road residents can expect as bulkhead work is completed and work begins on our street.  What follows below is a general summary of the issues discussed.


The warm summer weather is almost upon us and all residents should be mindful of the presence of children playing in the street with construction traffic entering and leaving West 12th Road.  

All oversized construction related vehicles are accompanied by another worker who walks in back of the vehicle to ensure safe passage down the block, nevertheless, all parents and other adults on W12th Road should keep a watchful eye on any and all children playing in the street to make sure they remain safe at all times.

Additionally, all contractor staff have been advised to operate their smaller commercial and other vehicles (vans, pick-ups, etc.) in a safe and slow manner while on West 12th Road. 

If any resident observes any contractor related commercial or personal vehicle being operated in an unsafe manner while on West 12th Road, attempt to obtain the license plate number of that vehicle and notify the CCL at 516-361-8822.


In order to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of  all project information provided, any West 12th Road resident seeking specific information regarding this ongoing street project are advised to directly contact Fran Weinreich, our CCL and the project's Resident Engineer, Tom Bender.


Parking Restriction signs on the south side of W12th Road 
have been covered and will remain  
covered through the Memorial Day Holiday

A.  Until Work Actually Starts on the Street....

  The contractor has agreed to cover the "No Standing 7am - 6 pm Mon thru Fri" Temporary DOT Construction Parking Regulation signs  (above) on W12th Road to allow for resident parking on the south side of W12th Road for major holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day).

The contractor will not be covering such parking signs after work is completed on a daily basis, Monday - Friday and, for all intents and purposes, the parking restriction will remain in effect until 6 pm.

All contractor staff have been advised not to park any of their vehicles on the north side of W12th Road which is for resident parking.

B.  Once Work Actually Starts on the Street....

The best way to prepare for this issue is for all residents to assume that once actual work starts on West 12th Road, the contractor will essentially "own" the entire street and all "local traffic" and resident parking will be suspended for the duration of street work.

W12th Road residents will then utilize the project's "displaced parking" spaces directly adjacent to and on both side of the cross bay boulevard median.

During street work there will be an emergency travel lane maintained for emergency vehicles (fire, ambulance, police, etc) and accommodations will be made for bulk deliveries (home heating fuel, propane, etc) 


Our CCL, Fern Weinreich, stated that both she and the contractor are aware of those "special need" residents of W12th Road who may require special attention (infirmity, disability, etc.) and will work with those individuals to accommodate them to the fullest extent possible.


During this time, the contractor will arrange to pick up and transport all residential garbage to Cross Bay Boulevard for pick up by NYC Sanitation.


W12th Road residents whose property will be markedly impacted by this project will be scheduled for individual meetings with the CCL, Resident Engineer and Contractor starting in early June.


*Completion of Bulkhead and outfall work at bay end of block...

* Test borings along the length of W12th Road...

*  Installation of mini-piles on W12th Road to support new storm and sanitary sewers.  
 (It is possible that a temporary sewer line will have to be installed during this

NOTE:  Street work will start at the Cross Bay Boulevard (top) end of the block  and will continue down the block to the bay end in 200 foot increments.


We are fast approaching the start of street work on our block which will be "noisy, dirty and long."  

The key to surviving this disruption of our lives here on W12th Road is patience,
 cooperation and communication. 

If I can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact me by stopping by 55 West 12th Rd, or calling me at 718-945-0805. 

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