Friday, May 22, 2015

Broad Channel Bits

By Dan Guarino
If you were at the Broad Channel, Breezy and Rockaway Relay For Life held at the BCAC Field last Saturday night through to Sunday morning, then you too witnessed an awe inspiring sight. And it was all to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer.
The opening ceremony just before 6 p.m. was beautiful and moving. The first lap, taken proudly by cancer survivors, was even more so. Next came wave after wave of team after team of walkers.
Even the thundering rain and lightning that came later on didn’t do much to slow these people down. There were a few less tents than the two dozen that originally covered the field, but at 2 a.m. they were still going strong. I can tell you that people of all ages, even gleeful little ones, were still happily making their way around the track.
Just after 6 a.m. there was another, shorter ceremony, which was just as moving. About 100 or more people, together, took that last lap of honor around the track. Some made it barefoot and wrapped in blankets.
Together, the 27 teams and numerous individuals at last count raised a record $79,558, all of which will go to the American Cancer Society. Our communities may be small, but they have one tremendous heart.
Mark your calendars for this coming Friday, May 29. At 7 p.m. at the American Legion Hall the PS/MS 47 Parents Association is having a fundraiser. There will be entertainment, auctions, 50/50s, a Name That Tune contest and music by DJs@Work.
News for Swingers: The Shad Creek Association’s annual golf outing is on Friday, June 12 at 3 p.m. There will be 18 holes of golf at the Riis Park n Putt, kicking off with a shotgun start. It’s $75 per golfer or $300 per foursome. There will be refreshments on the course and awards dinner back at the SCA clubhouse, plus T-shirts and more. Contact Mike Kelly ASAP at 917-868-4453 or michael_ p_ to reserve a spot for your foursomes. All proceeds go to support Shad Creek Association, which is located at529 Cross Bay Blvd.
This week I want to share a few important messages, directly in the words of the people who sent them. Because I couldn’t say it better.
“Hello Dan, I am hoping you can help. My husband Bob and I were unpacking some boxes from Hurricane Sandy. We came across a flag that had washed up to our bungalow on Lanark Road during the storm. We forgot that we packed it away. If you go to my Facebook, page Donna Badamo, you will see the photos. I did some research on the Department of Veterans Affairs website and found a 2nd Lt. US Army Ignatius Joseph Lynch with the same date of death (as on the flag). We would love to be able to return the flag to its rightful owner. Hope you can help. Thank you. -Donna and Bob Badamo.” You can contact Donna at
“Will you put a thank you in The Wave for me? The shower didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirit and lots of folks showed up to give a helping hand (at the 25th annual Spring Planting and Adopt-A-Tree event on May 9). Matty Conklin who drove us around town delivering plants just turned 89 - still going strong and still has the BC spirit. Also his daughters and granddaughter planted several tree pits. One of the boxes is dedicated to their mom, Jean Conklin.
“Also we saw Arlene Nix’s daughter and family/friends planting a tree in honor of Arlene. If you really take a look, you will see some other memorials along the Boulevard dedicated to loved ones and our country. The 9/11 one dressed up in red, white and blue stones and the planter with the flag painted on it. Even the beautiful blue spruce planted in the park in honor of Mrs. Kinneary which was lost to Sandy has been replaced. How lovely to be gone but not forgotten.
“A very special thanks to those loyal folks who come out every year. Their dedication is truly appreciated. One last note please let everyone know that Mother Nature can only do so much and every tree pit needs a good dose of water twice a week. So a little reminder would be greatly appreciated.
“It is amazing to see how folks just take it upon themselves to gussy up this town. There are at least five new tree guards that have gone up around the new trees put in on the sidewalks and I know several more are planned. This is a town with so much pride.” –Judy Zack, BC Civic Beautification Committee.
“The VFW posts are basically a place that both members and volunteers come together to help out the local community and veterans all over. To become a member, all you really need is someone in your family (alive or dead) that served in the military.
“As of right now, I’m the youngest person out of both the Men’s and Women’s Auxiliary. I started when I was 17 for volunteer work and because I hung out up there all the time, but as I participated more it kind of became my home. Everyone up there is like a family. We all support each other’s ideas and we all want the best for our chapter. We’re still in the works to becoming a strong post, thus the reason of reaching out to the younger generations. There’s about a 25 year age gap between me and the second youngest member!
“We hold events that include penny socials, yard sales, barbecues with the vets, brunches, kids’ events, etc. My personal favorites are the holiday dinners with the vets from St. Albans and the brunches. They’re always so busy and a lot of fun. The Vets are always so appreciative of everything we do for them. It’s a chance to get these men and women out of the hospital and rehabs into an environment where people are surrounding them with love and admiration of what they did for our country.
“It’s not for everyone, I should add that. It takes hard work, dedication to the community, a desire to want to help, and patience. At 17, I’m surprised I even wanted to go to a meeting on a Friday night and march in local parades rather than hanging with friends. But like I said, it takes a special kind of person to want to do that at a young age. It’s also a great way to gain work experience through volunteer work. Plus, you make friends you never thought you would.
“May 24th is our Memorial Day parade/ barbecue. We’d really like it if it was packed this year with spectators or people in it.” – Amy Mahon, VFW volunteer.
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