Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mayor's Office and E.D.C. Ignore Invitation to Ride Rockaway Ferry

As of today August 26th the only response we have received to our invitation below is from Letitia James N.Y.C. Public Advocate, she will be out of State visiting family. 

It seems both Helen Ho and Kyle Kimball do not feel it necessary to reply to ROCKAWAY. We are wondering if they even open emails from ROCKAWAY. 

This neglect to respond is rude and neglectful, especially from Helen Ho who is the representative of the Mayor for the Borough of Queens.

We shall make this public via FaceBook, emails, Twitter and Media.

Danny Ruscillo, et al


Helen Ho Community Affairs Unit Mayors Office
Kyle Kimball President Of The E.D.C
Scott Stringer N.Y.C. Comptroller
Letitia James N.Y.C. Public Advocate

We are extending an invitation for you to join us on the Rockaway/BAT Ferry on Thursday August 28th out of Manhattan Pier 11 at 5:35 P.M. Ferry to Brooklyn/Rockaway which will give you the opportunity to view first hand the large number of ridership that utilizes this Ferry service. Since the fate of this Ferry seems to be based on the ridership it only seems logical for you to take the time to ride the Ferry in order to witness the importance of this Ferry and the number of people that use this means of transportation to Manhattan. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

This photo was taken on August 15th 2014 at the 4:35 P.M. at Beach 108th street & Beach Channel Drive Ferry Landing
Danny Ruscillo - Co-Chair Transportation Committee CB#14
Laura Deckelman - Rockaway United To Save Our Ferry
Paul Deckelman - Rockaway United To Save Our Ferry
Linda Ruscillo - Rockaway United To Save Our Ferry
Philip McManus President - Queens Public Transit Committee  

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  1. Thanks Pete for posting. This is an insult...
    Danny Ruscillo
    Co-Chair CB#14 Transportation Committee