Thursday, July 3, 2014

Broad Channel Bits

By Dan Guarino
Happy 4th of July, Broad Channel!
We are blessed to live in a place where the idea of independence runs deep in its sandy roots. Likewise, the idea that people can band together, get things done, and be respectful without poking the other guy’s eye out because he has a different opinion.
Without those ideas and the principle of joining together for a common good, this nation would never have been founded. Those are good lessons to remember this day and, where necessary, re-learn them.
The ability to live those ideals makes Broad Channel what it is. Without that we, like our nation, in spirit and in place, might not even be here at all.
Get your reading material early. The Broad Channel library will be closed on Friday and Saturday, July 4 and 5. Some of you know the library is closed on Saturdays, anyway. The rest of you, come on down and spend more time there. The staff will be happy to see you.
By the way, thanks to Bill Schulz at the BC Library, for assisting my first experience with binge-watching. He pointed me toward a BBC show on DVD called “Broad Church.” It’s quirky, it’s English, had intriguing characters and a winding mystery in it. It’s also set in a small English village. My best friend grew up in one. An English village, though different in many ways, is like an American small town, where everybody knows everybody else’s comings and goings. Not that we are familiar with such a concept here, but…
Anyway, I started to casually watch this series, suddenly got wrapped up in it and, seven hours and three discs later, I am racing to see the ending to find out ‘who did it’ before I have to leave for work. Plus I had to get it back to the library in time to avoid the overdue fee!
Thanks, Bill!
There’s a big weekend coming. Next Saturday, July 12, the Shad Creek Association will hold the 20th Annual “It’s A Fluke!” fishing contest. The fee is $25 per angler for the contest. There will be prizes for the largest fluke. There will also be a Calcutta for largest Sea Robin, with $5 per angler.
You can still sign up starting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 10, or Friday, July 11. There will be $10 per boat for the total weight of three flukes. Plus raffles. There is more information on Facebook at “Shad Creek Assoc.”
More details are coming, but also make room for the Iroquois Yacht Club’s opening day on July 12. Bashed severely by the storm (I saw the heartbreaking pictures) the club is now ready to reopen. I saw it months ago in midrebuild and know it will look fantastic now. A lot of love and hard work has gone into it. Keep an eye out for the opening and other special events over at the Iroquois.
Did you try the Irish shepherd’s pie from Grassy’s last week? It was great. It was part of the June Thursday night dinners which raised money for Chris ‘Bubba’ Kalisak’s “Bubba for Mayor” Mardi Gras campaign.
You might have enjoyed Grim Pickins and the High Five and Solshyne the last two weekends at Grassy’s. Both great bands played fundraisers for Bubba’s campaign.
There is much more to come. Looks like it’s going to be a busy summer. You’d better get a bigger calendar.
By the way Chris’s campaign is also selling raffles for this year’s Mardi Gras. Tickets are $100 each. Only 400 will be sold. The grand prize is $10,000! There are 18 smaller cash prizes.
All Mardi Gras proceeds this year go to support the Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department.
This just in from Father Richie: The Board of Directors of St. Camillus Catholic Academy announced that St. Camillus will offer a free full-day prekindergarten program, beginning in September. For more information, please call 718-634-5260.
Happy Anniversary to Andrew and Flo Miccio! Married in 1940, July 7 will mark their 74th anniversary.
Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens will have someone at the Broad Channel library between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of every month. They are there to help anyone hit by Hurricane Sandy. As the Civic newsletter noted “”Answering your questions about recovery, developing a plan to address your needs, connect you with appropriate community resources and assist you with applications for programs you may be eligible for.”
On June 1, the Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers and the American Littoral Society ferried more than 70 volunteers to the newly created Blackwall Island to sow over 5,000 plants. Among them was Scout Troop 282. Good work, scouts!
Check out “Broad Channel...Past... Present and Future” on Facebook. Among other items there, Margaret Wagner shared photos from the Broad Channel Theater Group’s production of “Grease!” in 1997.
Eight years ago last month, St. Virgilius Parish School closed its doors for the last time. It served the Broad Channel community for 84 years.
This week Broad Channel says goodbye to Evelyn Rossi. Evelyn would have turned 101 in September. Her daughter, Joanne Eckert, noted it was pretty likely that her mom was the oldest person in Broad Channel. Evelyn was one of the first graduates of St. Virgilius School. You will find her picture, along with the other two graduates, in Liz and my book, “Images of America: Broad Channel.”
Broad Channel also says goodbye, too soon, to Suzanne Grillman. As Kathleen Reardon Savino noted on Facebook, “We’ve lost a beautiful friend.” Among many things, Suzanne was a dedicated volunteer at the American Legion, and seemed always to have a smile. Our wishes and thoughts are with the families and friends of these two special women. As a community, your loss is our loss.
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Thanks for reading.

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