Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beware of "Das Boot!"

Parking Enforcement (or the N.Y.C. Sheriff's/Marshall's Office) has been touring the side streets of Broad Channel during the wee overnight hours of darkness, in their never ending quest to keep the financial coffers of New York City filled and in the case of the Sheriff's Office, their own wallets as well,  checking vehicles for outstanding judgements, expired registrations, inspections, etc.

This is not an inexpensive situation.  There is a $159 "Boot Fee", a $70 Sheriff's or Marshall's "execution fee" plus a "poundage fee" which is equal to 5% of all fines including interest and penalties!

Just last night a car was booted by these denizens of darkness on West 12th Road.

Beware of "Das Boot!"

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