Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Message from: Philip McManus Queens Public Transit Committee

Dear Friends,
Queens Chronicle reporter Domenick Raft wants to interview our group tonight regarding the Queens Rockaway Beach Line and Select Bus Service. 
Please tell everyone to come out to tonight's  important meeting and let your concerns be heard.  We need to show a large turnout.  Put on social media.  
We must attend these meetings and speak up or outsiders and bureaucrats will decide our transportation options.   
When is the DOT,  Dept. of Transportation going to include all of Queens in our right to decide on our transportation needs? 
Don't let them ram SBS down our throats without representation from all the communities affected. 
Democracy at work.  Fight for faster transportation to school and work. 
June 25, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. Woodhaven Blvd. Select Bus Service Meeting.
P.S. 306 New York City Academy for Discovery, 95-16 89th Avenue, Queens, NY,
   “This is the second public workshop on Select Bus Service on Woodhaven, which will delve further into the design along the corridor and begin the discussion of stop locations along the route.” — 

Philip McManus 
Queens Public Transit Committee  

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