Thursday, June 26, 2014

Broad Channel Civic Association Meeting Tonight (June 26th)

The following agenda for this evening's meeting of the Broad Channel Civic Association was provided by Dan Mundy, Jr.

Broad Channel Civic Meeting 
 Thursday June 26th 
This is the last civic meeting until September)

1) Civic Awards to be given to 
* Sanitation Garage 14 for their tremendous efforts during Hurricane Sandy
* American Legion Post 1404 and VFW HALL- Prince Wynn-Broad Channel - for the irreplaceable role they played in the weeks after Sandy in helping this town survive
* Natalie Grant--Our civic newsletter editor who has done an unbelievable job in keeping this newsletter going even after her home was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy

2) NYPD 100 pct Update
3) Transit District 23 Update on Broad Channel Train Station 
4) Update of Street Raising Project by Fern Weinreich DDC

5) Paving update- Boulevard from 1st to 5th road and side streets WHEN ?-
By Queens DOT Commissioner Dalila Hall
6)Committee Reports

7) Old Business
8) New Business
Motion to adjourn

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