Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daylight Savings Ends Begins Sunday Morning at 2:00 am

One sure sign that we are starting our slow climb out of winter is the fact that all our clocks "spring ahead" this weekend as daylight savings time starts anew and all I can say is...it's about time!

As the days pass, there will be more days with high temperatures in the 40's and even the 50's than what we have experienced over the past many weeks. Almost certainly we are finished with low temps in the single digits - at least until next winter!

Unfortunately, that being said, we are not completely finished with the cold weather just yet. 

Cold air will still move southeastward out of Canada during March and into April.  Although this cold air will be moderated by the ever strengthening sun, the largely frozen Great Lakes, a colder than normal Gulf of Mexico, the chilly ocean waters of the Atlantic, the cold and frozen ground and other factors will all play a part in making sure our home heating systems will be needed at least for several more weeks.  

Whether it stays cold or turns warm, this Sunday morning, March 9th, daylight savings time begins at 2:00 a.m. and we will all turn our clocks ahead one hour and the spring season will officially start 11 days later on March 20th.

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