Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Politician Bites the Dust....Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland (AD55)

Brooklyn  Assemblyman William Boyland was found guilty of 21 counts of corruption related charges this past week.

Boyland held his position as Brooklyn's District 55 Assemblyman since 2003 and after a decade of "service" wound up in federal court for demanding money for political favors, skimming state funds from of non-profit for his personal use, including $50,000 for a boat cruise for his "most loyal voters" as well as claiming thousands of dollars in phony travel expenses.  

Boyland tried to explain his actions by stating that his salary of a New York State Assemblyman was insufficient  to meet his financial needs..."We make $79,500 as an assembly member. What the hell, that's maybe my son's tuition and maybe I pay for some gas....How the hell are you gonna live off that?"

That didn't sit well with the jury who found him guilty.

Boyland also attempted to reach out and contact a witness in his case during his trial.  

That didn't sit well with the judge who, after the guilty verdicts, ordered Boyland immediately taken into custody at the federal lockup to await sentencing.

And another politician bites the dust!

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