Monday, February 3, 2014

Message from Senator Mary Landrieu (La) re: Biggert-Waters

Mary Landrieu | Senator for Louisiana
Feb. 14

Dear Friend-
Great news! The Senate passed my flood insurance fix to delay the most dangerous provisions of Biggert-Waters and make sure FEMA's flood maps are accurate and reliable. While that's great news, we're not done yet. It still must pass the House of Representatives.
Fixing this flawed legislation is about more than protecting people's homes and equity. It is about preserving the American dream, that if you work hard and play by the rules you can have a secure future. You know best, this is not just a fight for affordable flood insurance. It is a fight for our culture, a treasured way of life and continued economic growth.
Thank you for your continued support and action on this issue. The House passing this bill is the next step for this bill to become law. I am ready to work with the House—Republicans and Democrats—to get this done.
Together, we can fix flood insurance.

Please contact Sen. Landrieu at the office nearest you.

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