Friday, February 28, 2014

Message from the Queens Borough President's Office: Foreclosure Prevention Service Providers

Office of the Queens Borough President


Many residents who are waiting for their homes to be rebuilt and repaired in the wake of the hurricane have found themselves on the brink of foreclosure due to the financial strain that has come with the storm’s devastation.

Below is a list of services that are meant to assist homeowners facing foreclosure. I hope this information can perhaps offer some relief to our residents who continue to struggle with these issues.

Foreclosure Prevention Service Providers covering Queens

Center for New York Center Neighborhoods (Manages 27 network partners that work on Sandy-related foreclosure issues)
·         Lucy Raimes, Director of Network Programs

New York Legal Assistance Group
·         Ann Dibble, Director, Storm Response Unit
Office : 212-584-3365

Margert Community Corporation
·         Stephanie Lawes, Housing Director

Queens Legal Services
·         Jennifer Ching, Project Director

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica
·         Patricia Kerr, Program Director

Legal Services NYC
·         Citywide Sandy Recovery Hotline: (347) 592-2411

Dan Brown
Community Board Liaison
Veteran Affairs Liaison
Office Of The President
The Borough Of Queens

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