Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goldfeder Announces Residency Rebate on Cross Bay Bridge Will Continue for Broad Channel and Rockaway Families

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder

Goldfeder introduces legislation to eliminate toll for every resident in Queens

Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway) announced that for the third consecutive year, Rockaway and Broad Channel residents will be reimbursed for their travels over the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge in Rockaway, Queens. After push from Goldfeder, Governor Cuomo has once again included the residency rebate program in his executive budget.

 “Following my successful election in 2011, I made the elimination of the toll on the Cross Bay Bridge a priority and immediately delivered for the residents of Broad Channel and Rockaway by bringing back the residency rebate program,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. “The extension of the program will continue to put money back in our pockets instead of throwing it away on an unfair toll. The Cross Bay Bridge is the only intra-borough bridge toll and I will continue to work with Governor Cuomo, my colleagues and our community until all residents from across the city can travel on the bridge free of charge.”
Prior to Assemblyman Goldfeder’s efforts to eliminate the toll, residents of Broad Channel and the Rockaways had to pay each time they crossed the bridge, whether traveling to and from work, school or taking care of daily errands. This rebate boosts economic activity and assists our communities in Rockaway and Broad Channel recover from the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy, by saving residents between $800 and $1,500 a year, Goldfeder noted.

The Broad Channel Community commends Assemblyman Goldfeder for once again fighting for our residents and succeeding in eliminating this unfair toll for another year,” said Dan Mundy Jr., president of the Broad Channel Civic. “This toll in the past has had a huge economic impact on our families who make multiple daily trips over this bridge to transport their children to school, visit our local police precinct or firehouse, or shop at our local stores.  We join with him in calling for an elimination of this toll once and for all.”  

Additionally, Goldfeder reintroduced legislation this year in the Assembly that would eliminate the burdensome Cross Bay Bridge toll permanently for every resident of Queens (A.2072). Presently, for non residents, the bridge is $3.25 each way with a minor discount for  E-ZPass users. Goldfeder has also relaunched an online petition to completely remove the toll. The petition can be signed at www.FreeCBB.com
“I'm very pleased the Governor is extending the rebate program for the residents, but I'm also calling him to extend it to all residents of Queens,” said District Leader Lew M. Simon. “The residents of Queens should not be paying for this unfair tax burden. Merchants and businesses that use trucks to transport their products should not have to pay the toll, which eventually falls on the consumer.”

We are moving in the right direction and closer to completely eliminating this unfair tax on all of our communities,”concluded Goldfeder. “While extending the rebate will have tremendous benefits to our community still recovering from Sandy, our work is not done until this toll has been completely removed for all Queens residents.
The rebate plan is only valid at the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge for passenger vehicles using an E-ZPass, who are enrolled in the Rockaway Resident Program and reside in either Rockaway or Broad Channel, Queens.  

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