Thursday, February 27, 2014

Contain your surprise. A snowstorm is coming...

by Peter C. Mastrosimone / Editor-in-Chief 
February 27, 2014

Queens residents will no doubt be thrilled to know there's a good chance of a decent snowfall Sunday and Monday.
Since the New York City region has had such a mild, snowless winter, maybe the prospect of 8 inches coming down will cheer up some of the folks who have been walking around in summer clothes thinking, "What is this, Florida?"
Yeah, right.
Of course, the reality is that Florida is the only state that has not had snow this season. Making Old Man Winter the first guy since Reagan to win 49 states. And New York has had what many people consider more than its share this year.
But, in all seriousness, the National Weather Service is indeed predicting 8 inches of snow Sunday into Monday. Given how fickle storm tracks can be, that can change, but forecasters so far put the chance of snow at 80 percent both days. 
In the words of the NWS: "There is the potential for 8 inches or more of snow Sunday night through Monday night. Any change in the track and intensity of the system may have in impact on the amount and type of precipitation expected."
There's also a chance of some snow showers tonight, Feb. 27, but those hardly rate reporting. It will be cold: Tonight's low is forecast to be 8 degrees. Friday afternoon the high could reach 20 degrees. Saturday will be better at a predicted 35. Sunday, as the snow may or may not be coming down, it'll be right at the freezing mark, 32, and then it'll dip to 24 on Monday — as the snow may still be coming down.
Spring is forecast to begin in precisely three weeks, at 12:57 p.m. March 20. That you can count on, though the weather that day? We'll see ...

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