Sunday, January 19, 2014

N.Y. State D.E.C. plans to "eliminate" mute swans from N.Y. by 2025

Mute swan swimming

The N.Y. State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) plans to kill or capture all mute swans in N.Y. by 2025 because of their "aggressive nature" and threat to native wildlife.

According to the proposed plan, adult swans on public land will be shot or euthanized and their nest and eggs destroyed.

The DEC's draft plan in this regard is available for viewing here.

Comments on the DEC's plan may be submitted in writing through February 21, 2014 to:

Bureau of Wildlife
Swan Management Plan
625 Broadway
Albany N.Y. 12233-4754

Naturally not everyone is happy with the DEC's proposed plan to "manage" the mute swan population.

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