Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heads Up Broad Channel - Two Options for Super Bowl Sunday

Yep, the big game is only a week away!  

Here's two options on how to spend your day.  

(Note: Option #2 will still allow you to make your February mortgage payment on time!)


Got your tickets?  They're still available.

A "nosebleed" seat will only set you back about $2,700.

Afraid of heights?  A midfield seat can be snatched up for about $12,000.

The Polar Vortex got you down?  

Comfortable ("heated") suites with all the amenities can be had for upwards of half a million dollars.

If you're a "tail gate" type of fan, tickets are available to catch the game on big screens set up outside the stadium and can be snatched up for only $750.

Once at the game, you have to eat.  

A hot dog will set you back $9....Nachos will run you $14....a small bag of peanuts $6....or you can grab a roasted beef "poBoy" for only $15.

Of course, if you eat you have to wash the food down with something.  

If cold beer if your thing (keep in mind "Polar Vortex") a premium 12 oz brew will run you $15 or you can settle for a 20 oz draft beer for only $12.

Okay, let's see now...

Assuming a suite or a midfield seat is a tad too pricey, let's assume you and your partner snatch up two "nosebleed" chairs for the big event and then splurge on a box of nachos, two hot dogs and two bags of peanuts.

The game will run a couple of hours so assume you and your partner manage to finish off three draft beers apiece.

The entire day will only set you back $5,516 and that's not counting, transportation to and from the game. 


On the other hand, you can stay in town and join the rest of us at the Broad Channel Prince-Wynn Post 260 V.F.W. on Super Bowl Sunday for a warm, indoor, afternoon tail gate party with $1 draft beers, $1 hot dogs, and $2 hamburgers and then stay to watch the kickoff at 6:30 that evening.

My personal recommendation,,,go for Option #2.  It's much less expensive, the cold weather will not be a factor, you will not be annoyed by those pesky game commuters from Washington State and Colorado, and best of all, you will be helping the VFW in supporting our veterans!  

Actually, it's a no-brainer!  

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