Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Each of you can help to Stop FEMA Now!



Know that I have not forgot about rebuilding our homes after sandy in NY and NJ.

But pushing the Flood Insurance bill will bring us followers (senators and members) from across the country. 

As we grow we can push our rebuilding efforts through our national presence.  One of our biggest problems is getting HUD to relax requirements to release GRANT money.

That being said, we must grow.  Not only in NY and NJ.  But Nationally.

Twitter is the most effective tool.  Please use your influence to have your group open up twitter account, follow us and retweet our @StopFemaNow tweets. If they can open an account with the name starting with StopFemaNowNY or something similar it is even more effective.

Example;  Senator Toomey is no longer BLOCKING Flood bills.  But now he is playing games and he wants to add amendments to the current Flood Insurance Affordability Act, which will water down the flood bill.  It will protect less people and reduce our timeframe for the affordability study down from 4 years to whatever time frame he feels he can get away with.  Rep Cassidy (La) had a bill that would only protect us for 6 months and our calls, tweets and emails killed that bill.

By retweeting @StopFemaNow tweets we will be effective and pinpoint which elected official is blocking our efforts.  It seems to change daily.

Lastly, as we grow twitter following we will hound Sec. Donovan from HUD, Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Christie and have them release rebuilding funds.

Please feel free to post this in your own words.  I appreciate all you are doing.  Thx.

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